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Micah Roberts5,000+ views
Exam technique - Economics496 downloads
Essay - Multiculturalism236 downloads
Plan - An Inspector Calls867 downloads
Politics - 45 mark questions376 downloads
asked by John and 500 others
Why does the demand curve slope downwards?
Rebecca and 20 others found this helpful
How do you memorise every case study in detail?
Sally is waiting for an answer...
What is 0 to the power of 0? Are there two answers? Why?

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As a parent it's pretty useful to keep on top of my child's education. I decided to look around for a tutor and found Scoodle. Within the same day I was able to find a perfect fit with the help of their support rep. Incredible and really looking forward to working with this tutor.

Rebecca Hughesfrom London

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If this app was available to me 3 years ago it would've been so helpful! You pick and choose your own times and just works perfectly for both students and tutors. Excellent idea! Excellent app! Pretty much flawless 👍

Ajmal, tutor from London

Great Q&A section to quickly find answers I'm looking for. Recommend this if you need to learn something new or if you've got an exam coming up! Thanks guys at scoodle.

Rawand, student studying GCSEs

A lifesaver for my kids. This helped my kids significantly in their studies. Being able to ask a question and get an answer from a qualified tutor for free is amazing.

Ronnie, father from London

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