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Be a part of the future of education. Teach anyone, anywhere.


Multiple ways to earn

We're not your average learning platform. Our tutors don't just earn money from one-to-one teaching. We have multiple ways for our tutors to engage and build their brand.

Earn with video

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Answer questions

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Get bookings

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Why Scoodle?

0% fees for tutors, Hoorah!

Unlike most platforms we don't charge any booking or admin fees, ever! So you take home 100% of every £ you earn.

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Theres more...


Reach more students

With video on Scoodle you record lessons and earn money when they are viewed

We pay more per view than Youtube, Tiki Tok and instagram combined, so it’s a great way to expand your educational reach and make some money doing what you love. Video is early stage so its great time to get involved and grow your brand with us.

Transparent pricing

Scoodle will always be free for tutors. However if you want to take your earning potential to the next level subscribe to Tutor Plus.

Tutor lite

FREE / Month

If you like teaching and seeing your students reach their full potential and want earn some extra money.

Green tickNo booking fees. Ever
Green tickPassive income from videos
Green tickStudent Q & A
Grey tickImproved search ranking
Grey tickBoosted tutor score
Grey tickPriority messaging
Grey tickMore earnings
50% discount

Tutor Pro

£9.99 / MonthBilled annually

If you’re a passionate educator who wants to positively impact as many lives as possible while boosting your earning potential.

Green tickNo booking fees. Ever
Green tickPassive income from videos
Green tickStudent Q & A
Green tickImproved search ranking
Green tickBoosted tutor score
Green tickPriority messaging
Green tickMore earnings