10 awesome educators who've just joined Scoodle
Roundup·4 mins·10/05/20

10 awesome educators who've just joined Scoodle

Smart, kind educators from the UK’s top institutions join Scoodle every week. Here are 10 people we think you’ll learn a lot from.

1. Emi K

Tutor Score: 550

Emi K is a first-year medical student at the University of Nottingham, and she’s here to help! “Tutoring is one of my passions and I truly believe that with the right mentor a student's academic ability can improve immensely,” she says. So what’s special about Emi’s style of tutoring? It also includes teaching students about time management, key revision skills and exam techniques.

Emi K

2. Emma Ghanem

Tutor Score: 485

Over the past three years, Emma Ghanem has been teaching piano and music theory, from beginners to Grade 5. She also teaches younger children piano and music theory through fun songs and activities. If you’re looking to learn Arabic, Emma can help. She’s a native Arabic speaker, who’s worked in the International Arabic School in Bayswater for two years, as a teaching assistant for younger years.

Emma Ghanem

3. Sammie Marg

Tutor Score: 420

Sammie Marg’s successful approach to learning and appreciating science helped her land a great grade in her masters degree in chemistry from the prestigious University of Bath. Now, she’s a “passionate science tutor determined to give you at-home demonstrations, documentaries to watch and great ways to remember hard concepts!”

Sammie Marg

4. Grace Horn

Tutor Score: 340

A-level student Grace Horn is getting ready to start a BSc in Mathematics at the University of Nottingham in September. She’s a seasoned tutor, who’s ready to teach!

Grace Horn

5. Annabel Lord

Tutor Score: 340

Annabel Lord is a medical student looking to tutor biology, chemistry and maths to A-level. She has two years of experience with online and face-to-face tuition. Her style of tuition is flexible to the student’s needs, but she likes to regularly check understanding by asking questions and using practice exam questions.

Annabel Lord

6. Grace Cooper

Tutor Score: 310

Currently a maths student at King’s College London, Grace Cooper is passionate about maths and loves sharing this enthusiasm with the people she teaches. Grace has experience tutoring students in a variety of subjects, from reception to Year 11. She enjoys helping pupils achieve and improve as much as possible.

Grace Cooper

7. Eddie Hartley

Tutor Score: 280

Soon-to-be law student Eddie Hartley likes to use songs and videos to bring the languages and texts he teaches to life. Having recently completed his A-Level and GCSE studies, he’s super-knowledgeable of the processes that students have to go through. He’s also aware of key revision techniques and tricks that will help maximise potential.

Eddie Hartley

8. Ken Thiru

Tutor Score: 250

Medical student Ken Thiru has over six years’ experience of teaching children for their 11+ exams, for both private- and grammar-school selection exams. His style of teaching is to adapt to the student's way of learning, as clichéd as it sounds. He always tells his students if they don't understand something, it’s his fault for not explaining it properly, so they should never worry about asking questions.

Ken Thiru

9. Will Schofield

Tutor Score: 250

Will Schofield is a seasoned tutor and undergraduate at the University of Hull. He likes to teach by beginning to get students to slowly think in the target language. The most important thing? Keep it fun!

Will Schofield

10. Alex Bruce

Tutor Score: 240

Alex Bruce has tutored students for more than two years. He specialises in Oxbridge entrance (personal statement, admissions tests, interview prep), as well as philosophy, politics and economics up to and including A-Level. He graduated from the University of Oxford in 2019 with a 2:1 in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Alex Bruce

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