Roundup·4 mins·21/05/20

10 brilliant new educators who’ve just joined Scoodle (21 May)

We welcome fantastic educators from the UK’s top institutions to Scoodle every week. Here are 10 people who caught our attention this week (21 May).

1. Amir Azeez

Tutor Score: 420

Amir Azeez is a finance and actuarial professional with over 15 years of financial services experience. He teaches a range of subjects to accountancy, finance, actuarial and MBA students, and is also keen to teach maths to school students.

Amir Azeez

2. David Jablonka

Tutor Score: 420

David Jablonka is the deputy head of his English department. He consistently sees outstanding progress and attainment from his students, across both English literature and language.

David Jablonka

3. Ajoola Baker

Tutor Score: 320

Ajoola Baker teaches in an inner London secondary school and has worked with pupils from primary school through to sixth form. She’s a lead practitioner with a masters in Education and a plethora of experience in tutoring. Ajoola takes care to identify her students’ strengths, weaknesses and learning styles, so she can adapt her lessons to suit their needs.

Ajoola Baker

4. Charlotte Perry

Tutor Score: 270

A friendly student looking to help support students during this difficult time, Charlotte Perry has experience tutoring Year 12 students in biology, as well as Year 4 and 5 students for the 11+ exams. She likes to ensure all classes are engaging, by using diagrams and quizzes to test knowledge whenever she can.

Charlotte Perry

5. Tommy Cloherty

Tutor Score: 240

Tommy Cloherty has been an English tutor for many years. He always seeks to first understand a learner's needs and learning style, then tailors the sessions and homework to help them achieve their goals. He believes learning should be both effective and enjoyable, and he loves seeing the "lightbulb" moments in a student's journey.

Tommy Cloherty

6. Jessica Short

Tutor Score: 240

Jessica Short has six years’ experience tutoring French and English as foreign languages to both adults and children. She’s studied and worked in France, Belgium and Canada. Having spent a lot of time abroad and learnt three foreign languages, she knows what works best when it comes to learning languages.

Jessica Short

7. Rabiah Tariq

Tutor Score: 240

Rabiah Tariq is a final-year law student at Lancaster University. She’s achieved several 100% marks during her time at university and believes she can help other law students achieve excellent results, too. Rabiah has picked up teaching experience by providing private tutelage during her undergraduate studies and as a peer mentor.

Rabiah Tariq

8. Ahmedyassin Idriss

Tutor Score: 230

Ahmedyassin Idriss is about to graduate from the University of Bristol with a first-class degree in BSc Mathematics and Computer Science. He’s taught in tuition centres for the past two years and has been tutoring for over five years, mainly in GCSE and A-level Maths. Ahmedyassin plans to start a teacher training course in the next year, as he aims to become a fully qualified teacher.

Ahmedyassin Idriss

9. Jasmine Lowen-Hill

Tutor Score: 220

Jasmine Lowen-Hill takes a holistic approach to education. She always goes the extra mile to guide the people she works with into opportunities she thinks are right for them. In her spare time, she’s a published writer for City Girl Network and Breathe News, as well as a radio presenter.

Jasmine Lowen-Hill

10. Amelia Grice

Tutor Score: 220

A recent graduate from the University of Oxford, Amelia Grice is passionate about all things science! Her lessons are interactive and engaging, and she tries to use real-world examples to make key information more memorable. Amelia structures her lessons around the exam-board specification, so you can be sure she’ll cover everything you need to know for your exams.

Amelia Grice

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