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10 Scoodle tutors you need to book lessons with ASAP

There are so many amazing tutors to choose from on Scoodle. Where to start? These tutors have earned the highest Tutor Scores on the platform. Check them out!

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1. Osama Aboukoura

Osama Aboukoura has a first-class degree in Computer Science from King’s College London, plus experience in teaching Java and Python at a university level, as well as KS3 and GCSE Maths. He’s also a native speaker of Arabic.

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2. Husain Mukadam

“If you’re bright but easily bored (like me), or just need different explanations to help you, I can help. I love putting the joy back into teaching, and making learning fun again!” says Husain Mukadam. He’s taught 46 hours of lessons on Scoodle… and counting!

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3. Josh Prince

Josh Prince has answered almost 100 questions on Scoodle. We love his revision tips. "My number one revision technique is exam papers and practice questions! The best revision technique in my opinion is just to do every single question you can find until you are super-confident on the topic."

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4. Corben Lawrie

Corben Lawrie’s teaching style is very attentive. He really enjoys the eureka moments and will readily try new or different techniques if he can see if a particular style of teaching isn’t working. He has a passion for teaching, nurturing success and helping people overcome obstacles.

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5. Nicoleen Wong

“Every student has the capacity for success,” says Nicoleen Wong. She’s an approachable and dedicated tutor with experience teaching students at primary- and secondary-school level. Nicoleen deeply believes in encouragement combined with an appropriate amount of discipline to engender the desire and drive for achievement.

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6. Mahad Isa

Mahad Isa is a BSc Economics student at LSE, who’s tutored kids from all ages up to GCSE level in Maths for the past four years. So far, he’s answered 10 questions, on everything from law to history.

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7. Samiah Shaikh

Samiah Shaikh has been a primary-school teacher for nine years, teaching both KS1 and KS2. Having worked as deputy KS1 Literacy coordinator, she has a thorough understanding of how to achieve success in the Year 2 SATs.

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8. Mehak Tariq

"Positivity is the key to succeeding" — that’s the motto Mehak Tariq goes by. Mehak has a passion for English, creative writing and reading, and there’s nothing else she’d rather do than teach. She’s supportive and constantly offers encouragement to all her students, even when they’re really struggling.

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9. Abubakr Karimabadi

Abubakr Karimabadi is both a barrister and teacher with more than eight years’ experience. We’re grateful for the thoughtful, articulate answers he shares with students. Like this one: “There’s nothing wrong in taking a gap year so long as you use it productively. It’s better you take one or two years more to graduate in a degree you enjoy from a university with a good reputation than to graduate a year or two earlier in a degree and from an institution you’re not entirely happy with.”

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10. Benjamin Mansour

Confession: Benjamin Mansour hated school growing up. But through some great teachers and online tutors in year 11, he went from low predicted grades to smashing his GCSEs and A-levels, and earning four medical school offers! Now he wants to help others enjoy learning as much as he enjoys teaching.

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