10 teachers crushing this whole YouTube thing

Is your school on mute? Feeling a little cooped up? Students, we got you. Countdown the top 10 teacher YouTube accounts with us.

10. Charles Coomber

Half-Life: Alyx came out on 23 March. The next day, San Diego teacher Charles Coomber dropped a geometry lesson in the game. He uses greenhouse windows as a makeshift whiteboard. What’s not to love?

9. Brandon Shurter

Science teacher Brandon Shurter has made a rap about the coronavirus outbreak. And it’s 🔥. Sample lyrics: Covid-19, yeah, it’s serious \ But let’s not be delirious \ We’ve got the tools to get through this.

8. Gibi ASMR

2020 has no chill. Thankfully, a new wave of ASMR teachers are helping us to keep calm and carry on. Gibi ASMR’s English vocabulary lesson is the most relaxing video we’ve watched all week.

7. RAmjad

Exams may be cancelled, but Cambridge student Rehman Amjad has some great tips to share. He walks us through his A-level exam technique, covering how to read questions properly, check your answers and deal with really hard questions.

6. Devin Siebold

Ever wonder what teachers are really thinking during the coronavirus lockdown? History teacher Devin Siebold tells it like it is. Oh, and welcome to his crib.

5. Mr. Terry History

History teacher Mr. Terry reacts to history memes. “Are you really going to take credible sources from memes?” he asks. “Be careful, kids! But if it’s factual and it gets people liking it, meme away.”

4. Chelsea Brandwein-Fryar

Props to English teacher Chelsea Brandwein-Fryar, who’s hosting livestream concerts to raise money for her local YMCA. Her “Quaran-Tunes” (guitar covers of Ed Sheeran, The Rolling Stones and more) have raised \$1,500.

3. Bored Teachers

Bored Teachers is a YouTube channel that keeps it real. “Mr Mack, what’s the answer to number 5?” asks a student in the latest video. His answer? “To be honest with you, Jackson, I have no idea. What do I look like, Alexa?” Well played.

2. Jen Hazzard

How do you turn a gummy bear into a fireball? Don’t try this at home, but chemistry and physics teacher Jen Hazzard has all the info you need. Watch her experiments and get involved in a virtual science fair.

1. Professor Jonathan A.J. Wilson PhD

Prof. Jonathan Wilson has played at Glastonbury and provided music and character voices for Grand Theft Auto video games. So it makes sense that he teaches branding through bass guitars. Genius. 🤟

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