Behind the scenes with Scoodle: a live demo from our CEO
Interview·3 mins·06/10/20

Behind the scenes with Scoodle: a live demo from our CEO

Before the lockdown, Set Impact invited our CEO Ismail to give a live product demo. Did you miss the video? Don’t worry — we’ve written up the highlights here.

Ismail on stage with Set Impact

What does Scoodle do?

We’re a platform that connects students and educators. Educators create a profile on the platform, then share content — for example, they can answer questions students have asked. If students and parents like what they see, they can book lessons with those educators.

What’s your vision and mission?

Our long-term vision is to create influencer educators. Social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn have done an amazing job of figuring out specific niches. But the network behind education doesn’t exist in digital form. You know of institutions more than you know of educators.

We want to focus on the people who are creating educational value in the world. The way we do that is centred around content. The first step is to allow educators to answer questions. Then we’ll allow them to upload learning resources, videos and courses.

Our aim isn’t for everyone to know Scoodle. It’s for everyone to know the amazing teachers we have on the platform. They’re the ones we want to stand out and shine.

Tell us about Tutor Score.

What we really care about is this idea of branding as an educator. The way we go about doing that is the Tutor Score, which adds up all the different value points you’ve created to come up with a number. What’s important to us is giving a sense of control to the educator.

When you look at a lot of tutoring platforms, you sign up, you make your profile look pretty good and for whatever reason, you end up on page five or page 10. It’s actually very difficult to improve your ranking. For us, the content creation piece is entirely in the hands of the tutor. You can answer a question when and how you wish. The more questions you answer, the more value you create.

So with my profile, the answers and the things I’ve done on the platform have helped 236 students learn. I’ve answered 66 questions. And there are booster points when I respond to messages on time or when I answer questions. All of that contributes to the score I get on the platform. In this case, it’s 1,580 points. You have that on your brand whenever parents or students discover you.

Ismail on stage demonstrating Tutor Score

So tutors get to create their reputation?

Exactly. The cool thing about SEO (ranking highly on Google search) is that it’s really powerful. When a tutor answers a question, we do all the tech stuff to make sure their answer can be discovered by students not just on Scoodle, but all around the world. That contributes to this idea of recognition and branding. The things you create on Scoodle can be discovered by people everywhere.

With every single question, the most important thing is the brand of the tutor. It’s always there. It’s not about Scoodle. When you search on Google and see these answers, you see the person who’s actually contributed this content, not our name.

I can name a bunch of websites that are great for learning resources — Coursera, Udemy. But I know the platform more than I know anyone teaching on there. That’s what we’re trying to change.

What else is special about Scoodle?

We’re the first platform to remove booking fees.

Teachers keep the entirety of the fees they charge, without the parents or students paying anything extra. The reason we do that is because of the world we want to create — a world where teachers are at the forefront. We know they’re at the forefront because their content is now discoverable by millions of users all around the world.

To be able to do that, teachers need an incentive to continue to come back to Scoodle. If we took a portion of their income, we would remove that incentive. Instead, we’re allowing them to earn a bit of extra income and we’re encouraging them to contribute to the platform again and again.

Check out the full video of Ismail speaking to Set Impact here.