How do Scoodle Pro messages work?
Guide·2 mins·08/04/20

How do Scoodle Pro messages work?

Scoodle tutors receive two kinds of messages: standard (from students) and Scoodle Pro (led by students, who ask us to recommend tutors). We break down the differences between each one.

What’s a Scoodle Pro message?

We want to help students find the best tutors. So we ask students to fill out a form, where they tell us their criteria on price, location and subject, and opt in to ‘message similar tutors’. We then send Scoodle Pro tutors who fit those criteria a direct message on the student’s behalf. We also contact a selected pool of tutors who do not have Scoodle Pro accounts.

Scoodle Pro messages look like this:

Viewing a single pro message

Are Scoodle Pro messages written by a bot? 🤖

We understand that some tutors might think these messages are spam. They’re not. Here’s what happens: students and parents fill out a form, showing what they’re looking for in a tutor (e.g. subject taught, price and location). They tick a box to ‘message similar tutors’. We then use that information to generate a Scoodle Pro message, so we can fit all the content into one message.

Find a tutor on Scoodle

Who can open Scoodle Pro messages?

You can only open a Scoodle Pro message if you’re a tutor with a Scoodle Pro account.

Messages UI overview

Can I still receive messages without a Scoodle Pro account?

Absolutely! But here’s why people use Scoodle Pro: you get up to 10x more enquiries. That means more bookings (🎉).

Does that make sense? Let us know if you have any questions on!