How to become a tutor on Scoodle

So you want to tutor with Scoodle. That’s great! Follow our step-by-step guide to creating a tutor profile and you’ll be booking lessons in no time.

Scoodle homepage

1. Sign up for a free profile

Sign up here and select the tutor option at the bottom of the list.

Scoodle homepage

Tell us your name and email address, and set a password. Then we’ll send you a welcome email, with a link to get verified. Click on it.

2. Verify your account

To verify tutors, we take ID documents, education history, and contact details, among other things, to ensure safety and privacy.

This is what we’ll ask you:

  • How do you teach? (Online, in person or both)
  • At which times? (Morning, afternoon and evening, with options for each day)

We’ll then need a few more details from you to get everything set up, such as:

  • Your address
  • A profile picture
  • An ‘about you’ description (100 characters)
  • Your bank account details
  • Government ID
  • Your phone number

You can also share your DBS certificate, if you have one. While we don't require tutors to have a DBS check to sign up, it’s a good idea to share this if you’ve sorted out your DBS clearance.

3. Create an eye-catching profile

The next step is to create an eye-catching profile. What does that look like? Well, check out Mujavid Bukhari:

Mujavid Bukhari's profile

Here’s what Mujavid has done well:

  • He’s shared a nice profile picture
  • He’s taken the time to get verified and he has the ✅ to prove it
  • He’s written an interesting bio that shows why he’ll be a great tutor
  • He’s highlighted his educational experience

Be like Mujavid.

4. Tailor your offer

Once you’ve made your profile look 👌, let us know:

  • The subjects you can teach (e.g. maths)
  • The levels you can teach at (e.g. GCSE)
  • The hourly price you’d like to charge

5. Answer students’ questions

Now you’re ready to start tutoring! While you’re waiting for bookings to come in, why not answer a few questions for our students?

By answering questions, you can increase your visibility in the Q&A feed and boost your Tutor Score (a new feature that helps parents and students figure out who the best tutors are). We give you points based on how many questions you’ve answered and how many people your answers have helped.

Example question on Scoodle

Got more questions? Email us on