How to learn and teach online with Scoodle

Confused about how online lessons work? We’ve got you covered.

Tutor online with Scoodle


Here are some simple steps you can follow to take your lessons online right now.

  1. Book online lessons over chat. We encourage tutors and students to organise online lessons over chat. Skype and Google Hangouts are great platforms for this!
  2. Make sure everyone’s on the same page. We recommend that you use Scoodle as a booking platform, so funds are exchanged properly. If you do this, set your location as normal, but be sure to tell each other that you’d like the lesson to take place online.

Coming soon

In our next release, we’re making it even easier for you to learn and teach online. Be sure to update your app next week to make the most of these features! 🚀

  1. Opt in for online lessons. If you’re a tutor and you haven’t opted in for online lessons, you’ll be able to next week. Just head to the “Me” tab and update your status.
  2. Filter by online lessons. Looking for tutors who teach online? We’re adding a filter to help you find them — fast.
  3. Set your location to “online”. When our students book a lesson, they’ll be able to choose “online” as a location and pay securely with Scoodle.

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