How to make money as a student
Tutoring·3 mins·03/03/21

How to make money as a student

You’ve made it to uni. Now what?

Congratulations, you’re officially a student. After endless revision sessions, unprecedented end of year exams and UCAS applications, you finally made it! 🎉 🎉 🎉

If you’re into Sainsbury’s own-brand beans on toast for dinner and figuring out how to make your student loan last, then welcome to the best years of your life. But it doesn’t have to be like this — becoming an educator on Scoodle can be your path to a passive income and the student life you see in the movies (or at least you can upgrade to Heinz beans.

There’s a lot more to Scoodle than tutoring…

Tutor in person or through video lesson.

Tutor in person or through video lesson.

We know it sounds crazy and it might not have been your first thought. But hear us out. There are so many perks to being a tutor, and even more so while you’re at university.

The money aspect is perhaps the biggest one. Obviously, being a student can be a dire time because you’re often low on money. And with the hospitality industry not quite what it usually is, online teaching could be a good use of your time. At Scoodle we don’t charge any fees which means you’ll receive every penny of the rates you set. We do this because our founder and CEO Ismail was a tutor for years and understands the strain fees can put on an educator. So much so, that actually paid for his university course by tutoring.

With Scoodle, you can earn a passive income by uploading videos and learning resources. This way you can monetise the worksheets you’ve used and lessons you’ve taught over and over to reach thousands of students and earn a sustainable monthly income. Educators on Scoodle are currently making hundreds of pounds every single month!

Being an educator really helps to solidify your understanding of the topics you’re teaching. You’re essentially being paid to study, as you have to be able to break down and explain complex concepts in the simplest way possible. After doing that a few times, there’s no way you will struggle with your university course.

Similarly, online learning allows you to become an excellent communicator. This is an essential skill in business and in life, and it will enable you to master public speaking at university and beyond. Whether you end up founding a business or becoming a doctor, we guarantee this will always be useful to you.

The one thing you may not have predicted are the meaningful relationships cultivated while tutoring. Being a tutor eventually turns into being an educator, where you’re no longer just there to impart knowledge and pass exams. Instead you become an important part in the growth and development of the student, acting as a role model and preparing them for life beyond GCSEs and A-Levels. This is an important distinction at Scoodle and one that many of our educators resonate with. For example, a student Ismail worked with regularly for 10 years taught him immensely about what people they care about and how they think.

Think about where tutoring could take you…

Our CEO Ismail Jeilani at 10 Downing Street

Our CEO Ismail Jeilani at 10 Downing Street

Being an educator is more than another way to earn money. It can serve a multitude of purposes, but the most important thing to consider is that all of the skills you develop as an educator will no doubt be useful to you later in life, no matter what you go on to do.

Ismail is now the CEO of an EdTech startup that aims to facilitate the journey he experienced himself and give educators the recognition they deserve. After asking him about his story, Ismail clearly states that his “role at Scoodle now is directly related to tutoring”. The financial independence, confidence and communication skills he gained from his time educating have all been instrumental in his endeavours; and you can do the same!

Nowadays, with Scoodle Video Lessons and the recent switch to online learning, there are even more possibilities to earn a passive income and further the skills you develop. Why not add video editing or script writing to your CV? You make the videos, we’ll do the rest.

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