How we're changing education

Our education system is broken, but it doesn’t have to be. As our head of product Rasheed explains, we’re creating a world where students can learn from everyone and teachers are superstars.

Rasheed Wihaib, an Enginner at Scoodle, giving a talk

We’re celebrating failure

Some people say that 98% of what you learn at school is a waste. In his TED talk, Sir Ken Robinson even asks: “Do schools kill creativity?” Yikes.

So what can we do? Well, we can change the way we think about failure, for a start. Right now, a failure will stay on your school record. But when we grow up, we need to fail in every area of our lives — at work and in our relationships. We thrive by learning from our mistakes. That means education has a new purpose: to prepare us to fail.

Our failures become successes — when we learn from them.

We’re shaking up the way we learn

“Is our children learning?” (Yes, this is a real quote from former US president George W Bush!)

Today, schools make everyone learn at the same pace. There’s a big gap between the classroom and the real world, and not enough of us are learning through experience. New technologies are making it cheaper to get an education, but credentials are still expensive and they’re usually tethered to schools and universities.

What’s more, the people who really care about teaching can’t afford to teach or just aren’t given the right platform to reach people. That’s why we’re creating a platform that gives students a better way to learn and teachers a better way to make a difference — to their own lives and the lives of others.

We’re excited to help you discover the people who could be our best teachers.

We’re championing educators

We believe that everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn. We’re creating a world where parents and students can choose educators, not schools. And we want to help the best teachers make lots of money and teach lots of students.

We believe in building, rewarding and celebrating the next generation of educators.

One of our big goals is to help educators become content creators, influencers and, ultimately, brands. When this happens, what they teach will go way beyond today’s rigid subjects. Educators will build their own curriculums. We hope to attract a global pool of talent, who’ll work together to make their own credentials.

We’re turning teachers into brands

We once spoke to a researcher looking for work as a teacher. He was sending his CV round, but getting no replies. In person, he could show his value, but he had nowhere to show his skills. 😔

For us, Scoodle is a way to show educators’ skills, celebrate their achievements and build their profiles. We want them to hit superstar status. By making student reviews easy to see, we’re shining a light on the best teachers in our community — people who might have been hard to find in the past.

We’re giving educators the chance to create their own brands and followings.

We often hear that we’re the sum of the people around us. We’d go one step further and say we’re the sum of the people who have shared knowledge with us.

Together, let’s help everyone share their knowledge and supercharge education.

We’d love you to be part of our mission to raise up educators, so they receive the recognition they deserve. Join our community and learn with us!