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Video Lessons·5 mins·08/11/20

Scoodle Video — Knowledge Base

⭐️ About Scoodle

Our vision in a 50 second video 🤯

Everybody has something they want to learn and something they can teach.

In the past, teachers could only help those around them. But now, Scoodle is creating a way for the whole world to become a classroom.

Educators can create and share content that lives online and builds their brand while helping students grow. Students can learn from and connect with the teachers who resonate with them the most. Scoodle is opening up access to the best teachers, so that everyone can grow together.

We believe we can create the Kim Kardashians of education. The question is, are you one of them?

🤔 What's the plan?

In line with the vision above, we are starting with video content. Available now on the Scoodle app and website are lessons; these are videos where our educators break down academic subjects across all levels of study, from maths and sciences to philosophy and literature.

The video lessons will be grouped together by series, in other words a collection of video lessons focussed on one topic. This will enable educators to streamline their content and create videos efficiently, as many of our educators prefer bulk filming video to save time.

Series of lessons are accessible through a subscription, where our whole range of video lessons are available to students for a small monthly or annual fee. We are giving students easy access to the best throught-provoking educational content on the internet!

But wait, isn't Scoodle a tutoring platform?

At Scoodle, our primary goal has always been to give educators the recognition they deserve. This began with making the best educators accessible to all through our platform, but now we want to focus more on facilitating educator brands. This is why we are building video alongside our bookings platform, since we believe these two things will create a stronger brand and online profile.

As you post more videos, your content will not only be making money, but also marketing your services to the 250,000 students visiting our platform. After watching your content a student may wish to ask you a question or follow up. This is where Scoodle will channel students to your profile, where they can directly message you and book a lesson.

Two birds with one stone - it's pretty cool. 😎

Where is Scoodle now?

  • There are already many videos on the platform, from our current group of wonderful educators. Our series include titles such as Thinking about going to University? and Race: 4 Philosophical Stances, be sure to check them out!
  • We have seen a huge spike in views and sign ups in the last few weeks!
  • We have recently announced our Creator Fund of £100,000 to support our educators. More details below!

😎 Where do I come in?

We aim to cater to as many students as we can, and we need your content to do so!

You can make videos on any subject or level and in any style, whether that's screen recording or talking to the camera. We are looking for high quality content, and we know style can vary enourmously within that.

How do I make money?

To earn money by making videos on Scoodle, you need to upload a series of at least three videos, all of which must be approved by the Scoodle team. The approval criteria are below and the process is as follows:

  1. Upload your videos to Scoodle (if you're new to Scoodle video, get in touch here).
  • Ensure you are logged in before accessing the video upload form
  • Make sure to select Premium video, otherwise it will be available to watch immediately on your profile
  1. The team will watch each Premium upload and make sure it adheres to the criteria set out here.
  • Your video(s) will only be approved when all the criteria is met. So, you'll only be approved when you make 3 videos in the same series and they all match our quality standards, for example.
  • If your videos aren't quite up to our standard, our team will get in touch with some feedback so you can resubmit.
  • Once your videos are approved, you will be able to see them in the Lessons tab in your profile. You can assume that you will be paid for any of lessons you can see in this tab.
  1. You will earn a base of £10/series/month, where a series is a minimum of 3 videos, and for every 2 videos you upload ontop of the 3 video minimum you'll get an extra £4/month.

Your videos must be uploaded by the 20th of each month - anything uploaded after that period will count towards the payout for the next calendar month. This will start from December 2020.

You must upload 5 videos minimum per month. This is to incentivise new content uploaded to Scoodle as time goes on, which is in both of our interests. If not, your payout will be reduced by 50% for every month you don't upload a series.

In essence, the more videos you make, the more money you make!

  • Payouts will occur at the end of every calendar month and will appear in the bank account associated with your Scoodle profile - make sure these details are correct and your profile is verified.
  • Payouts will start from this month (October 2020), so at the end of October you'll receive a total sum for all the courses you've uploaded that reach the criteria outlined above.
  • If you have any queries about your videos and/or criteria, message me!
  • You can assume if your series has been approved and you have uploaded all the video lessons in that series, you will be paid for it at the end of the month. We're working on a dashboard in the app to make estimated earnings much more clear, but until then it will be done manually.
  • In future, we will be incorporating other variables such as minutes watched as they continue to grow. This means that the payout amount may vary in future, giving you the potential to earn more than £20 per series per month. The Scoodle team will communicate any changes to payouts well in advance, so no worries there!

If you have any questions regarding your content, or the criteria itself, just reach out to Cat (

The fine print

What we expect from you:

  • Consistent uploads, with all videos adhering to the Approval Criteria.
  • Willingness to work with the team to make Scoodle video the best it can be!

What you get:

  • Direct access to the team: we provide feedback on videos and ideas for developing your skills, resources from our CTO and any technical advice you may need.
  • A community of educators: join our WhatsApp group to have a direct impact on shaping the app and learn about new features and releases first!
  • The Scoodle Educator Handbook: designed and curated by our team to give you the best tips and tricks on how to create engaging, beautiful and successful educational content on Scoodle.
  • A passive income: we will support you with our £100,000 fund, as long as your videos meet our criteria!

😍 Sound good? Let us know!

I'm interested in video on Scoodle

If you have any more questions, email or book a dedicated 20 min slot here.