The benefits of Scoodle Pro
Tutoring·2 min read·01/02/22

The benefits of Scoodle Pro

Searching for the best way to get the most out of Scoodle? Look no further!

Scoodle Pro is a subscription service that helps tutors to receive more messages from potential students and assists in boosting their search ranking.

As a tutor we know that you care about reaching more students, teaching more lessons and increasing your income.

That’s why we’ve created Scoodle Pro and we know it works, the numbers speak for themselves!

Pro tutors stand to earn 10% more per hour teaching and benefit from receiving 10 times more enquiries than non-Pro tutors, so you don’t want to miss out.

Make more money

On average, Pro tutors earn £200 more per month and secure bookings 12% more than non-Pro tutors! What’s more, Pro accounts have the advantage of appearing higher in the search results providing better visibility and presenting the profile to a bigger pool of potential students.

Keep 100% of your earnings

If that wasn’t enough, as a Pro tutor, you’ll keep 100% of your earnings. That’s right, we’ve completely waived the booking fees saving you up to £240 a year. Founded by tutors, at Scoodle we understand how rewarding educating can be but we aim to balance that with the importance of tutors feeling valued, so with Scoodle Pro you keep what you make.

Receive more enquiries

In addition, our messaging feature helps to drive more enquiries to your profile. Once students begin actively searching for their perfect tutor we help by recommending Pro tutors through our Priority Messaging feature. Our algorithm finds the educators that best fit the student’s criteria and we send a direct message to you on the student’s behalf notifying you of their interest. Similarly, if you decide to upload any video content or resources and they are viewed by a student, you will receive a message starting a conversation with that student, providing an opportunity to see if they would be interested in making a booking.

Can I try it first?

Of course! As part of our trial, we’ll provide free access to Scoodle Pro for three days. The free trial period will enable you to check out all the benefits and fantastic features of Scoodle Pro without being charged a penny until the trial ends.

How does billing work?

Scoodle Pro is billed as £20 monthly, alternatively, you can select our most popular option of the annual subscription which saves you 50%. This is billed as £120, costing you only £10 monthly.

The value of subscribing to Scoodle Pro is obvious. If you want to receive more enquiries, make more money and keep 100% of your earnings subscribe to Scoodle Pro today.

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