Interview·2 mins·27/05/20

The future of online learning: 3 things we’re excited about

All Turtles, a podcast on the entrepreneurs building the future, invited our CEO Ismail to share how Covid-19 has brought remote learning to the forefront of education. Here, he explains why he wants to help educators achieve rockstar status for the work they do.

We’re helping educators win recognition

Now more than ever, we’re starting to realise how critical educators are to our existence as a society. We’re hoping Scoodle can play a huge part in making it possible for educators to be famous and recognised.

We want Scoodle to become a household name, but the path to achieving that isn’t by plastering our name everywhere. It’s by getting educators recognised. We spend most of our SEO work indexing educators’ names and the answers they’re providing. We’re also the first educator marketplace that doesn’t charge commission on bookings. That’s because we want educators to continue to create content that adds value for students and parents.

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We want to make education more accessible than ever before

If we’re able to bring the costs down to such a level that Scoodle is accessible to everyone everywhere, our only constraint would be internet access. But this isn’t just about low-income students accessing high-quality teachers. It’s also about enabling high-quality teachers who aren’t currently recognised to distribute their teaching methods to people all around the world.

We find that there are incredible unknown teachers in places like Kenya, South Africa and Malaysia. Facilitating that connection allows us to make education accessible in a way that hasn’t really been done before.

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The next step for Scoodle? Scaling knowledge

One of the biggest shifts Covid-19 has brought about for education is the evolution of online learning from a luxury to a necessity. Online learning has now become an essential part of life.

Since the pandemic began, every metric we track has gone up. In terms of monthly active users, for example, March was up 53%, compared to the previous month. Our revenue in April was three times higher than it was in March, which itself was about 40% higher than the month before. There’s been a sudden demand for our product and services.

We started off with one-to-one tutoring, but our next step is to facilitate one-to-many via video. We want to facilitate knowledge in such a way that it can be repurposed and reused by millions of students all around the world.

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