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The secret to a great Tutor Score on Scoodle

We’ve built a new feature called Tutor Score, which helps parents and students figure out who the best tutors are. So how can you boost your score? We’ve put together four tips for tutors.

This is Tutor Score. It’s a badge attached to every tutor’s profile, showing how many points you’ve earned for creating a compelling profile and supporting students. There are four ways you can increase your score.

1. Build a great profile

A great Tutor Score starts with a great profile. You can build one in just three steps.

  1. Verify your account. To verify tutors, we take ID documents, education history and contact details, among other things, to ensure safety and privacy. Make sure we have everything we need to give you that green verified tick.
  2. Upload a profile picture. Your profile is where students find out more about you. Don’t forget to share a nice picture of yourself.
  3. Get DBS approved. We don’t require tutors to have a DBS check to sign up, especially as many of our students are over the age of 16. But we reward the tutors who have gone above and beyond and sorted out their DBS clearance with a higher Tutor Score.

Pro tip: write an interesting bio. We ❤️ Ben Mansour’s bio — it highlights his passion for teaching and an inspiring personal story.

Benjamin Mansour's Bio

2. Connect with students

The more you invest in your relationships with students, the more your Tutor Score will go up. You’ll earn points if you:

  • Reply to a new student within 24 hours
  • Teach a new student
  • Teach five lessons

3. Create engaging content

We want you to share your learnings on Scoodle. The best way to do that is by contributing to our Q&A section, where you have the chance to help thousands of students.

By answering questions, you can increase your visibility in the Q&A feed and boost your Tutor Score. We give you points based on how many questions you’ve answered and how many people your answers have helped.


4. Upgrade to Scoodle Pro

You don’t need to have a Scoodle Pro account to get lesson bookings, but Pro tutors will get more booking requests.

Plus, if you sign up for a Scoodle Pro account, your Tutor Score will grow at regular intervals. You’ll receive 100 points when you make your first payment. During your free trial, you’ll receive 50 points a day, then 15 points for each week you keep your Scoodle Pro account.

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