What’s the future of education?
Vision·2 mins·22/04/20

What’s the future of education?

Education is evolving. We’re no longer in a world where going to school is just about getting a job (phew!). So where are we headed? Here are our five predictions for the future of education.

1. Educators = superstars

Who do you think of when you hear the word ‘superstar’? Cristiano Ronaldo? Beyoncé?

Right now, celebrity culture is thriving. But in the future, we’re going to see a new kind of celebrity. Meet the superstar educators — people with the charisma, talent and empathy to inspire thousands of students. These once-hidden figures will light up the world with life-changing lessons. And they’ll unlock the potential of young people everywhere.

They’ll be people like Craig Smith, whose dance moves have gone viral on TikTok. Or James Donkin, the passionate chemistry teacher behind YouTube channel MaChemGuy, which has more than 22,000 subscribers.

2. Virtual schools rule

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed everyone towards online learning. And that change is here to stay. We believe the next wave of schools won’t have walls or chalkboards. They’ll be virtual learning hubs.

Over the next few years, e-learning is going to explode. By 2024, the virtual schools market will hit $4.4bn. That’s a lot of virtual pencils. We predict virtual schools will help students learn at their own pace, free from distractions.

In the new learning landscape, we’ll enjoy more flexibility, freedom and focus.

3. Learning goes global

A teacher’s audience used to be limited by the size of the classroom. Not any more. New platforms like Scoodle are giving teachers the chance to connect with students near and far.

We’re building a world where an Arabic expert living in Egypt can create a class with students across the globe.

We believe that what you learn — and who you learn from — shouldn’t be based on where you live. The only thing that should restrict your learning is your imagination. In the age of what we’re calling “everywhere education”, the sky’s the limit.

4. Community spirit

We see a future where educators and students support each other in powerful online communities. A future where people come together to share what they’re learning in a meaningful way.

With Scoodle, students can ask teachers anything and find answers in minutes. Our platform holds the answers to more than 500,000 questions. But we’re just getting started. The next step will be to create opportunities for students to access inspiring content together and learn from their peers, as well as their teachers.

"Education will foster creativity, entrepreneurship and the genuine belief that you can impact the world around you." — Ismail, our CEO

5. Lessons live forever

We all remember the dedicated teachers who inspired us, but what about their lessons? How can we access those rich learnings throughout our lives?

We want the content educators create to live forever. We’re making sure that these lessons will continue to benefit other students, long after the classes have ended. It’s our mission to make education work for everyone, so we’re tapping into the power of the web to scale teachers’ knowledge.

Where do you think education is going? Share your predictions with us on Twitter @ScoodleApp or ask@scoodle.co.uk.