What Scoodle’s Me tab can do for you

If you’re a tutor, the first thing you’ll see when you open the Scoodle app is the Me tab. In this guide, we show you why this feature is one of our favourites.

Happy tutors

What’s on the Me tab?

Think of the Me tab as a window to your soul (well, almost 🙂). This is where you’ll find out what your profile looks like to students and parents who use Scoodle.

The Me tab shows your:

  • Points: The more you engage with Scoodle, the more points you’ll have.
  • Response time (days): Treat this like a golf score — the lower, the better.
  • Answers: If you answer students’ questions (see the Answers tab), you’ll rank higher in our listings.
  • Students helped: This reflects the number of people who’ve viewed your answers and the number of lessons you’ve taught.

Hayley's me tab

Keep scrolling to the bottom of the screen and you’ll see the latest points you’ve earned and what you earned them for.

Me tab scrolled down

What else?

  1. It’s a shortcut to success. As you can see from the screenshots above, the Me tab is where we show you different ways to use the app and the steps you can take to raise your profile.
  2. It’s our way of communicating with you. We’re constantly updating the information in the Me tab, so you know how to get the best out of Scoodle. For example, when the coronavirus outbreak began, we updated the banners in the Me tab to link to articles on how to make the switch to teaching online.
  3. It helps you edit your profile quickly. You can access your settings and make changes to your profile in the app. If you’re out and about, the Me tab is the easiest way to do this.

Are there any other features in the app that you’d like help with? Let us know on ask@scoodle.co.uk!