Why you should start creating video lessons with Scoodle
Video Lessons·4 mins·01/02/21

Why you should start creating video lessons with Scoodle

The shift to online tutoring

Education has shifted towards an increasingly online offering - with many universities, schools and even tuition providers like Scoodle offering a digital version of their services. This has led to an overwhelming amount of choice when it comes to giving the best (digital) education.

At Scoodle, our aim is to make things easy. Scoodle connects the best educators to enthusiastic students as we believe "everyone has something they want to learn and something they can teach" - Ismail Jeilani (our CEO, forever quotable). What could we possibly do to ensure your students can access your knowledge flexibly, outside of the confines of classrooms and timetables, while continuously helping build an online tutor's income, repertoire and reputation?

Well, we think we've cracked it. Enter stage right: Scoodle Video Lessons.

What are Scoodle video Lessons?

Scoodle Video Lessons is our new exciting project. You may have seen some videos floating around the Discover page or on our Scoodle newsletters; and if not, the stunning artwork in this section should jog your memory.

Selection of video tutoring lessons on Scoodle

Scoodle Video is a subscription service where parents and students can unlock a wide range of exclusive educational content from Scoodle educators. We have a growing library of hundreds of high quality videos on anything from A Level Maths to University Advice. Further, parents and students are even able to contact the tutor directly after watching to ask a question, suggest a topic for a future video or even book a one to one session.

We also have a £100,000 fund supporting the first wave of educators to make content on Scoodle, making sure it's worth everyone's while. For more information on how we're doing this, check out the Knowledge Base lovingly put together by our wonderful marketing team.

Our vision is to create educator brands and elevate every online tutor on Scoodle to influencer-like status. We want to put them in a position where they're able to reach and benefit the most amount of people and simultaneously give them the recognition that they deserve. What's not to love?!

I am excited to be working with Scoodle on providing videos that students can watch. There are so many topics... something for everyone! Scoodle is expanding and improving constantly and I wholly recommend. Jackie Jones, Aug 2020

So, why should I get involved with Scoodle Video Lessons?

  1. Access our £100,000 Creator Fund That's right, six digits! We know that right now, and always, making an income is very important for educators. And, we believe it's only fair to support those creating content especially at the start of the Scoodle Video Lesson journey. For more information on the Fund, check out our Knowledge Base.
  2. Make a passive income What's better than making an income? Making a continuous income! This is why, as long as you continue uploading videos, you'll continue to be paid for all the viewable content uploaded to Scoodle (yes, even those very first questionable videos). This means, one video can make you hundreds of pounds over a handful of months - it's the gift that keeps on giving!
Sliders demonstrating how much you can earn on Scoodle
  1. Reach a wider audience With tens of thousands of users visiting Scoodle every week, your content is going to reach a much larger and more purposeful audience. People come to Scoodle with an educational problem, whether its understanding a concept or looking for essay writing tips, and creating videos is your opportunity to be their solution.
  2. Build your brand Think of it like a shop window for your business - first impressions count, so each video should show off the very best of you and what you can do. After speaking to our users, it's clear that content is one of the main ways that parents and students on Scoodle get to know their prospective tutors, and they often act as a deciding factor for bookings.
  3. Develop your skills By continuously uploading, you'll also be improving skills such as video editing, storytelling, planning, research and public speaking. Many of the educators who we have worked with so far had never made videos on this scale before, meaning the learning curve is steep but very, very rewarding. Also, these skills are yours for life! The way the world's going, knowing how to make videos is no doubt something vastly useful. Finally, Scoodle is here to help! We have created an Educator Handbook with input from our tech, design and marketing teams to help you get started. Apply now to download it!
  4. Work with the Scoodle team directly Once you're making videos with Scoodle, you'll have direct access to the team. This means you'll have a first hand in the development of a platform as a whole, working with us to shape Scoodle into something you want. Discussing new features and brainstorming on the phone isn't uncommon; and personalised video feedback sessions are the highlight of our days.
  5. Work with other educators Who doesn't love a little community! Find a growing group of people who are also working on videos and creating content, perfect for asking questions or giving tips if you need them! After all, we all get by with a little help from our friends.

You've convinced me! How do I get involved?

So, Scoodle Video is our new exciting project and we'd love you to be a part of it! We think it'll help you become an all round better (online) tutor, for the reasons we listed above. But most of all, we really think this is a win-win situation where Scoodle can help build your brand on our platform and get one step closer to creating the Kim Kardashian's of education. Let's break the internet, with online tuition!

To get involved, fill in this form.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!