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Study Skills

Asked by Patrick

Why should third party assessors not review other students lessons and presentations

I think that having a third party, which the student does not know, may unsettle the student This may make them feel uncomfortable and anxious so they may not present in their usual style. Hope this is useful. If you'd like further help, please let me know.

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Study Skills

Asked by Scar

What GCSE’s should you take to help to be a Cystic Fibrosis Nurse Specialist?

I would say psychology/sociology. Anything to help you get to A-Level. Remember it may help to demonstrate empathy as a CF Nurse so pick subjects related to this!

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Ben Stables

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Study Skills

Asked by Szymon

Whichterminthe sequence 3𝑛 + 8 will be the first term above 30

1) Put the sequence = to 30 to find out which term is just below 30 3n+8=30 2) Rearrange the equation to find out the value of n. 3n=22 n=7.3333 3) So we know that the 7.3th term is = to 30 so that would mean that the 7th term is less than 30 and the 8th term is more than 30 which is what the question wants. 4) Just to prove that the 8th term works substitute n as 8 (3x8)+8 = 24+8 = 32 Y... more

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Rosina Jojomon

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Study Skills

Asked by Maisy

What GCSE’s do you have to take to work with animals? I’m not sure for an exact job!

I believe taking maths, english and all sciences (triple) is the most important to have. These will open all the doors for you when deciding what to do for the future. GCSEs arent really that important the main thing is your a levels. And i would suggest u study human biology or biology as one of your a levels which then u can study something like animal biology at university.

Study Skills

Asked by George

How do I know what is the best way to revise for me?

Try different techniques! I revised best by answering questions and learning from the mistakes I made. Which I would definitely suggest for all subjects, especially for those that are very application driven (Maths and Sciences). For things that require more memory and recall, see what works for you. Mind maps, flash cards, summarised notes, flow charts; all good ways to help you retain informat... more

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Ibrahim Dangra

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Study Skills

Asked by Scar

What GSCE’s should you take to be a CF Nurse Specialist?

The most important subjects will be Maths and Sciences with a specific focus on Biology. You should aim to maximise your Biology grades. At A Level, you could study Biology and Psychology as the job requires looking after patient physical and psychological well-being as well.

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Amy Crellin

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Study Skills

Asked by AJZ

I do A Level Business and A Level Economics as 2 out of my 3 A Levels and I need to get better at sticking within an examined time limit but I struggle (I also struggle with writing fast in general), with loads of marks missing. Any tips to fix this?

Hi Ajmal, thank you for your question. I completely understand where you’re coming from as I also did A Level Business and there is a lot to write in a short amount of time. What helped me writing faster was three things; 1) Have a clear plan before you start writing - this means you have bullet points of what you want to address and can focus on just getting it down quicker on paper. Bonus; if... more

Study Skills

Asked by Anuva

How should i revise for assessments? please help😓

Memorise all your notes and important formulas

Study Skills

Asked by Avuyile

What are the advantages of Reporting in assessment methods?

Hello Avuyile I am not wholly certain what you mean by reporting, but I suspect that you mean progress reporting. Reporting is important because it’s one of the most effective things which can give feedback on strengths and weaknesses. The major advantage to that is of course that you can work more on those areas of weakness and set realistic expectations on yourself and your current level of... more

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Ian Bailey

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