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ADVANTAGES: - help you understand exam-style questions - get you used to what your final exam will actually be like - pick out your strong and weak points and make sure you are revising affectively r...


James Tooke

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Hi! In this question, we can use the change in gravitational potential energy to calculate the kinetic energy that the car will have at the foot of the slope, and therefore it's velocity at this point...


Umra Hayat

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Assessments are tests that we are all familiar with as they allow teachers and students alike to communicate academic progress. Some forms of these assessments include verbal questioning, group disc...


Fowziyah Begum

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the point of contact = points of intersections to find this you can equate the both equations of the circle and the tangent then rearrange to find the x value and substitute to find y values you can...

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L'Orรฉal is definitely in maturity stage as it has already grown and everyone is aware of the brand L'Orรฉal. Growth stage is when you have just started over and you realise about your competitors ,very...

Libby Davis

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So assuming youโ€™re sitting AQA Spanish, there are 3 sections, first your roleplay, so before you go into the room with your teacher you will be handed a piece of paper. On the paper will be 5 bullet p...


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Flashcards are very useful, and online services and apps like Quizlet are great for quickly creating and sharing sets of flashcards as well as testing yourself.


Sajeel Qureshi

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Standard deviation is a measure of spread. It gives a quantity expressing how much the members of a group differ from the mean value of a group. This value hence can be used in many ways. E.g. it can ...


Eilidh Crawford

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Usually most people would do one at a time. For example: someone does a physics degree then comes back and does geography. You can do a joint honours. Eg: maths and physics Iโ€™ve known some older peo...


Ryan Footitt

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Although there are many interpretations of the poem, it can be deduced that the soldier in the poem is suggested to be patriotic and thoughtful over the deaths of his friends, proclaiming that the lan...