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I want to get good results in year 11. Any tips on revision or ideas on how to revise?

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Hadiyah QureshiA Year 13 student who wants to inspire her love of maths in others!17.5k students helped

My tips for revision would be: - do it little and often - always go back and look over notes frequently - ask questions when you’re unsure Revising is difficult and very tiring! It is much easier to do half an hour of each subject a week earlier in the year than to pile it all up nearer to May. Revision can be as simple as practising exam papers on a topic you’ve recently studied, so it jogs your memory and ensures you don’t forget it later on. You can also try teaching others, or writing out the most important details on flash cards which you can look at later. When you have a question about something, no matter how small the question is, ask the question. Never get in the mode of “I hope it doesn’t come up in the exam” - it’s so much better to be prepared! Ensure you understand the topic 100% and a good way to test this is by explaining it to others, or practising exam questions. Hope this helps! Let me know if you need any more tips.

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