🌟 11+ Entrance Exams

What are the best revision tips you can give someone who is going to be in year 11?

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• Start making revision notes and keeping them organised in a ring binder or something similar as soon as you can. It feels like you’ve got ages until you sit those exams but at least getting prepared early will make our life A LOT easier next year. • Start revising early and as exams get close increase the time your spending on revision each week. This avoids you having to cram right before exams as you’ve already learnt and revised the content a few times. This makes it stuck in your head and will mean you are much less stressed when you are revising just before exams. • Take any mocks you do seriously as if you give 100% early on you can spot your weaker areas in subjects and gaps in knowledge and revise to improve on them. Good Luck!

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