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Why does depression came a thing?

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Answered Apr 2011+ Entrance Exams
Hassan AhmadA savvy physicist, perfect for slow learners!174 students helped

Depression is not sadness. It is uncomfortable state of mind which 'causes' sadness. It is essentially not feeling anything at all. Not feeling bad, not feeling good. It can be caused by a variety of factors actually. Ranging from a bad diet, to traumatic life events. But one thing in common, is that it can be cured through a connection. With oneself, or with others

Answered Jul 1811+ Entrance Exams
Amirah ChishtiIm extremely erudite and happy to help!93 students helped

Depression becomes a thing for a variety of factors. In our day, there is certainly a raised awareness which makes it more of a thing. Depression essentially has genetic aspects to it therefore making some individuals prone to it. Things like depression and stress can physically affect you because of the chemicals and neurological responses.

Answered Jul 1811+ Entrance Exams
Noor Dieana Mohd IsmailPractice make PERFECT!22 students helped

Because you thinks too much