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Why should you choose university instead of doing an a apprenticeship?

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Imdad AhadBackend Developer | Worked for GOV UK Notify, BT, Shell, GE | BSc Comp Sci17.5k students helped

I’d be curious to know why you used the word ‘should’. I expect there is some societal influence or expectation that for one to succeed, one must go to university. This was the case for me especially as my family came from a low social-economic background, so the general mindset would be vocationally driven: “study at university so you can get a job”. The modern day is changing significantly. We have more university graduates leaving with better grades, but finding it much harder to get a job for a number of reasons. Although there are many, one key reason is that university can fall short in preparing you for a future career in your field. The government recognised this and introduced apprenticeships as a means to study, gain experience and earn at the same time (these aspects a degree may lack). My personal advice would be figure out what you’re interested in. If you know already or have a clearer idea of what you’d like to pursue as a career — great! Find people in that field, see if you can ascertain if there’s a common path they followed in order to be successful. Better yet, reach out to them and ask them questions 🙂.

Husain MukadamMake Learning Fun Again! MSc | BSc | 4yrs+ exp. | DBS Certified✔️17.5k students helped

I don't think you should unless: 1. you know what you want to learn ; &/or 2. it's a top 30 university in the UK. This helps because: 1. You'll actually be interested to do the work, and it will help your future career. 2. These university's will give you a leg up in life showing employers that you're smart, and help you stand out - generally means higher paying jobs. These university's also open your mind to opportunities you may never have thought of before.

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