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What is more beneficial and why: Going to college or going to sixth form? I am not sure which one would be the better option for me. I want to study accounting in the future, however I don’t know if I should do my A levels in sixth form first?

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Amit DevBig 4 Chartered Accountant + M.Eng from UCL with a passion for teaching!11 students helped

Hi - there are many routes to accounting. A minimum requirement is, usually, A-levels (or equivalent). It doesn’t really matter where you get them from so long as you get the required grades. I would suggest you choose an educational establishment where you will enjoy learning! Most Big 4 firms operate an apprenticeship scheme which gives you a route to Chartered Accountancy straight after attaining your A-levels - you work, study, and get paid! Most also include a degree qualification as well as the Chartered Accountancy professional qualification: https://www.kpmgcareers.co.uk/apprenticeships There are of course many graduate Chartered Accountancy schemes also which you can apply to towards the end of uni.

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