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Are there any tips on how to get into top universities to staidly medicine excluding good grades???

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Matthew CottonGraduate entry medical student with a 1st class Masters and BSc17.5k students helped

Hi Lauren. I think a key part for medicine applications are experience. You need to show that you are dedicated and also prepared for what the job entails. The best kind of experience tends to be hands on clinical work, but I understand that can be difficult to get. So, instead anything involving working and communicating with people can help. For example nursing homes are often very happy to have students come in and sit with residents for a few times a week. This will give you a good insight into patient outlook and how to speak with people who might be struggling with their health. I would also suggest looking at local SEN schools or hospices for the same thing. They are great for getting to meet children from all walks of life! Very important if you are considering medicine as a career. If you would like any more advice on medical applications feel free to message me!

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