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Asked by Nowshin

Can I get into a Medicine course with 5 9s, 3 7s, 1 6; and 1 5 in English Language?( I came to London two years ago)?

Yeah those grades should be good enough but you need to get at least AAA at A level (with 2 subjects being Chem and Bio). You also need a decent UKCAT / BMAT score depending on what uni you want to go to.

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Billy Wager

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Thanks for your question, Nowshin. Congratulations on your results! Regarding getting into medicine with those grades, the application process relies on 3 main components: GCSEs grades, A-level grades and entry test results. Your application takes all 3 into account and universities may then offer you an interview. The application process is extremely competitive, and even with the best grades, candidates can often miss out. With that being said, you still have your A-levels ahead of you and your main focus should be on getting the highest possible grades in Chemistry, Biology and additional subjects. It's still a bit early to tell until you have secured your A-levels, and without knowing how you do on entry tests such as the UKCAT. However, I would recommend you look into extended courses which are 6 years instead of the usual 5, and are usually designed for students from state schools etc. The Extended Medical Degree Programme is one such example, with other universities also offering 6 year programmes. My advice as a final year medical student would be to focus on getting excellent A-level grades, prepare extremely well for the UKCAT/BMAT, NS getting good quality work experience in the medical field for your personal statement. I hope that helps!

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Usman Haroon

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