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Asked by Vantasia

Discuss whether you believe sharing health information between care providers and hospitals is a positive or negative practice?

Hi! As with any of these ethical questions, the basic premise is to always give both sides of the argument, and then come to a reasonable conclusion. Additionally, you should always try to weave in knowledge about the 4 ethical principles in medical practice, as well as any other current affairs knowledge. The four medical ethics principles are: Autonomy, Non-Malificence, Beneficence and Justice. You can read about these online for further details. With this answer, you would ideally list the advantages and disadvantages from both sides of the argument. Advantages include: more holistic care, better integration between services, patients can easily pick providers without hassle of sharing information, better autonomy Disadvantages include: patient confidentiality (how do we ensure confidential information isn't shared unnecessarily?), cost of IT systems (some Trusts currently use paper system, whilst others are electronic. Who pays to have things shared manually or electronically?), patient autonomy can be compromised if they don't have control over their data, These are just some brief thoughts that may help you structure an answer. You should also ideally come to some conclusion about what you believe is best (considering the context and ethical principles). As long as you show awareness of both sides and interlace relevant principles, there's not usually a totally wrong answer! Interviewers want to see your thought process - talk through everything and you'll be fine! Hope that helps.

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