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Asked by Diana

Does the university you go to affect your chances of getting a job in medicine?

Not at all, all universities in the UK have basically 100% employment rate, and if they don’t it’s because of students doing PhDs. It does have an impact if you want to go into research, and may impact where you do your foundation years. Say for example if a university offers an iBSC, this will boost your points on your final application when job searching, and so gives you a better chance of getting placed in more competitive cities/areas! Good luck!

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Benjamin Mansour

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Not really! There is a shortage of doctors in the country. Any medicine degree will almost certainly get you a job at the moment.

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Husain Mukadam

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Ultimately, no it doesn't. At the moment, the NHS is obligated to take on all suitably qualified medical graduates who pass their exams, therefore it doesn't matter where you study as long as you pass Where the university arguably does matter is in the way it prepares you for certain specialities with some universities traditionally said to prepare for a career in academic medicine better than others and some being good at producing, say, GPs. However this is minor and the largest difference is by far in how a student applies themselves Summary: in the end of the day, on a busy A&E shift, the little old lady who is ill and relying on you to treat her doesn't care if you went to Aberdeen or Keele. You'll have a job regardless.

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Ahmed Al-Jabir

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