How to prepare for BMAT? When should I start preparing for BMAT?

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Donald Russell

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In general, students spent around a month preparing for the BMAT, BMAT prep took slightly longer because I had to go through the GCSE science stuff again - you'll be surprised how much of it you'd forget. So, I prepared for each of the sections as follows; for the science bit, I went through the GCSE curriculum and revised GCSE content. For the aptitude bit, I used the official BMAT book and just practiced (but I'm not very good at this type of thing so I had already accepted that I was going to score pretty poorly on this bit...) and for the essay bit, which is actually my forte, I just made sure I knew certain 'funky and impressive' phrases, as I called them, with a few complex and fancy essay words (like this may be elucidated by.... this is not tantamount to....) - I ended up with 5.7, 4.9 and 4A for the science bit, aptitude bit and the essay bit (I did best in the essay bit, out of 5A, and relatively well in the science bit, near the 6 marks) - regardless of these relatively average scores, I still got an offer from Cambridge. BMAT: - You seat it at your college as you correctly identified - It's pen-to-paper, multiple choice - No calculators

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