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Asked by Rakia

How to write prefect personal statement about medicine also how to ice your UKCat exam?

The perfect kinds of personal statements are those that have been a) Rigorously drafted and re-drafted, and b) Written from the heart A good personal statement should show your experiences, your achievements, your personality; but MOST importantly it should make clear what you yourself have learned from your experiences. If you're applying for medicine, these experiences could be (but not limited to) your hospital attachments, experience at an old folks' home, or simply time spent caring for a family member. What universities want to see is what you derive from those experiences, and how they make you more human and humane. Get started early, for both UCAT and your personal statement. Run your PS through a guidance counsellor or admissions officer; they have lots of experience getting students into university. The UCAT Consortium has lots of practice questions and mock exams. I would advise you to take your time with the untimed questions to get the flow of the test, and when you think you're ready, take a crack at the mock tests. All the best!

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Iqbal Lokman

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Hi! There is no such thing as a 'perfect' statement in my opinion - it needs to be very personal and reflective. For the UKCAT, the best way to ace it is practice practi practice! The more you practice, the more you understand how the questions work and you become faster.

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Carola Maria Bigogno

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There is no such thing as a perfect personal statement. You can only write one that is best suited to your personal experiences and understanding of your subject. You will probably have to redraft your personal statement many times based on feedback from teachers etc and that’s okay. Just write something that conveys your passion and desire to study your subject, highlights your previous experiences and shows an insight into your personality. With the UKCAT you must practise, practise, practise. There are sample questions and papers that you can get that give you insight into the type of questions asked. The more you do especially under timed conditions, the more confident you will get. I hope this helps.

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Zeba Chowdhury

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