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Asked by Selina

I’m 27, is it too late to study medicine?

Great answer below, agree with everything. Would just like to add that many of my post-grad and even undergrad colleagues in Medicine are 30+ years old. If anything, it is the course and career to go into when you are older and have more experience! If it is what you want to do, go for it!

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Benjamin Mansour

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"Of course it's not too late. You know what this reminds me of? When I was 13 I wanted to learn guitar but I saw on TV some kid who was 11 and a child prodigy and I thought "I waited too long, now I"ll be a beginner while kids like that already are great". Then I was 23 and thought "oh man if I had just started at 13 I would have ten years experience by now! But now why bother?" At 33 I realized, damn if I had just started at 23 I would probably be pretty good at this by now, but now I"m old and would feel weird in a beginner class at this age, so I didn't. At 43 I thought, why did i ever care about what people would think isntead of realizing I wanted to do something, but didn't out of fear and regret, and because I kept thinking about the amount of time I'd already wasted, isntead of the fact that RIGHT NOW is simultaneously the oldest I've ever been, and the youngest I will ever be again. Now is the time. For everything. Always. Just start a new game." Food for thought

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Usman Haroon

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