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Asked by Lauren

What are interesting an unique topics for EPQ when I want to study medicine?

Hi Lauren, completely agree that should choose what you really want to do. To add, here’s a list of possible titles that you may be interested in! Should the NHS be privatised? Should patients who’s conditions could be described as “self-inflicted” have to pay for GP appointments? Should a small fee for seeing your GP be introduced? Should human embryos be used more extensively for research? Euthanasia/ abortion? I’ve seen many colleagues do ones about a specific disease and what it’s like to live with it, whether more funding is needed for it etc. The list could be endless....

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Benjamin Mansour

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hiya, anything that you find interesting! universities don’t mind what topic you do as long as you can demonstrate why you chose it and what skills you developed from it! I did my EPQ on Gene Therapy for Cystic Fibrosis :)

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Lian David

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