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What GCSEs and a levels do I need to become a trauma surgeon or an orthopaedic surgeon?

Hi Cook - I see you posted this question a while ago but I thought I’d still try and help if I could. I am a 2018 UK medical graduate working in the NHS. Most UK universities ask for sciences for a-levels but this does not have to be the 3 core bio/chem/phys . I myself took biology , chemistry and geography as geography also counts as a science a-level. When I applied back in 2012 chemistry was the only definite requirement by my university (Lancaster) and other than that it was up to you. I’d say pick scientific subjects you enjoy and can apply yourself too rather than the ones you think you will get you in as you are more likely to do well if you’re engaged with a subject matter. With regards to T&O ( trauma and orthopaedic) this is something that comes through 5 years of medical school , 2 years of foundation and 7 years speciality training but I’d recommend cultivating special interests in sports and exercise as the basic anatomy physiology you learn there will be great building blocks for a career in T&O Good luck Katherine

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Katherine Sloss

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