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What is the process of applying for a degree in medicine? What should I do in Year 12?

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Matthew CottonGraduate entry medical student with a 1st class Masters and BSc17.5k students helped

Personally, focusing on those grades are really important. You’ll need biology and chemistry to A2 for most medical schools and at least an A in both. The third subject depends on the medical school but the biggies want a third science at an A aswell. You also really need relevant experience (clinical if possible) to show you understand the requirement and dedication medicine takes. These not only prepare you for the degree but also give you something to focus your personal statement around. Finally during the summer between year 12 and 13 you’ll need to start preparing for the entrance exams; the UKCAT and the BMAT. These are difficult and realistically you can only become familiar with these exams, as they measure aptitude rather than knowledge. Hope that helps, any questions feel free to inbox me!

Noor Aziz3rd Year Dental Student17.5k students helped

Biology and Chemistry are essential for medical school entry at A* or A grade and the 3rd and 4th subject can be any of your choice. Apply to Medical schools via UCAS, will need to complete UKCAT or BMAT entry test in order to apply.

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