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Asked by Lauren

What work experience is needed for medicine?

Any experience which allows you to develop key skills relevant to life as a medical student and doctor can be used. Ideally, you should have healthcare related work experience, such as time in a hospital ward, a GP, pharmacy, care home etc. You need to show variety and depth of reflective learning, such as observing important qualities doctors have and how you developed them whilst on placement. Of course, the more work experience you have can provide you with more important reflections, but you can still use little work experience to show deeper understanding, even if you work part time in retail. Another important thing to consider is variety of experience ( different healthcare settings) and length of experience. For example, volunteering for 6 months at a care home (even if once a week) is better than doing a full week. Showing commitment and consistency is so important. Finally, the key thing is to demonstrate key skills or qualities you've observed and developed during your work experience and link them to why they're useful as a medical student or doctor.

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Usman Haroon

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Hi my name is Connor, I am a 4th year student at King's College London, currently studying medicine. I have also completed a degree in infectious disease & immunobiology and Medical Sciences, achieving a 1st. I am the medical representative for my year and achieved academic achievements for my medical studies in my first three years of study. Having now completed pre-clinical medicine, achieving a distinction. In recent years I completed my own AS Levels & A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Economics at The Campion School. Particular expertise in AQA A Level Biology I can also offer help in areas, such as: Applying to medical School (UCAS), Medical School Interviews (MMI's & Panel), UCAT (Medical School Admissions Test), Science Based EPQ's. Having developed experience of these fields in my role as co-director of Insidemed, a King’s college outreach medicine programme. Teaching Experience: In recent years I have tutored both A Level and GCSE students in the Sciences and Economics. This, alongside having recently completed these examinations myself, has given me a thorough working knowledge of the curriculum and how to score maximum marks on exam papers. Work experience in primary schools and as an ambassador for King's College London, have also provided me with a great wealth of experience with those of younger years. Tutoring Approach: I believe the key to success in school is building confidence in your given subject. I can work with you to build on existing skills or develop the basics needed to achieve. No matter what level you are currently at, you can always improve and aim higher. With understanding, patience and hard work you will succeed. I allow the student to lead the sessions in the direction they feel they need to focus on, with a combination of revision materials, text book focus and multiple past papers.

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