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Why did you choose to study medicine above everything else and how did you know it was for you?

Hi! Well I am studying medicine because during college/sixth form I shadowed doctors at a GP surgery, hospital and a care home. I loved hearing the patient's stories, and was inspired by the doctors who have a huge impact on their patient's lives. This made me realise I would like the practical aspects of the career. I like science, specifically biology and researched the course topics which all sounded interesting, so I knew I would enjoy the learning aspect of it also. I also did work experience in pharmacies, and from that I knew that I specifically wanted to do medicine, and not another related course. Some of the most important advice I can give is to really make sure medicine is for you. If you think for one second it is going to be easy, then you're in for a long ride! You need to be really passionate and committed to it. I know it's hard to chose what you want to do for the rest of your life at such a young age, but researching it early and getting experience in medicine and any other professions you think you may be interested in will make the decision easier. Hope this helps! Thanks, Ben

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Benjamin Mansour

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The answer to this question varies between applicants! It's hard to give a generic answer and this is exactly what not to do in an interview. Whatever your reason, you should make it personal to you. Usually, a combination of personal story, relevant work experience and some motivation to blend science with people is a common style of answer. Find 1 or 2 key reasons which really swayed it for you, and build a story around that. For example, if you have a personal story about how you cared for a family member etc, link this to doing work experience and how you found out more about life as a doctor, and what you enjoyed about your experience. You need to show that you realistically understand the roles and responsibilities of a doctor and why you would like to pursue this career.

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Usman Haroon

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