Why did you choose to study medicine above everything else and how did you know it was for you?

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Usman Haroon

Medical Student at King's College London.

The answer to this question varies between applicants! It's hard to give a generic answer and this is exactly what not to do in an interview. Whatever your reason, you should make it personal to you. Usually, a combination of personal story, relevant work experience and some motivation to blend science with people is a common style of answer. Find 1 or 2 key reasons which really swayed it for you, and build a story around that. For example, if you have a personal story about how you cared for a family member etc, link this to doing work experience and how you found out more about life as a doctor, and what you enjoyed about your experience. You need to show that you realistically understand the roles and responsibilities of a doctor and why you would like to pursue this career.

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