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Does anyone have any tips on how to start writing my personal statement for university? Thanks, Tasnim?

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Answered Apr 20Applying for University
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Fatima RajinaI am very passionate about teaching and have been a qualified teacher since 2011120 students helped

It’s always best to start with a spider diagram of what it is you want to gain and learn from the university. Remember, it is also about what you can bring to the university too! Once you’ve got that diagram in place, then think about the course, the modules and how you will benefit from them. Personal statements are that: your personal statement on what you want and need but can also offer.

Answered Nov 18Applying for University
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Teodora MusatoiuMy passion for Maths and CS makes me want to share the thrill with my students.36 students helped

Hi! I think writing a personal statement is the most important part of your application. The way it worked for me was write down everything that I wanted to include in it (experiences, projects, voluntary work, anything relevant). Also, make sure that you know why you want to study your subject and what makes you so passionate about it. I think the most important thing is being honest about yourself and your passion and the statement should flow afterwards! I hope this helps! Good luck! Teodora