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Asked by Anita

Got a D in an economics mock. This is going to be used to make my predicted grade. I got AA in my other subjects. I don’t know what to do, because i know my predicted is going to be low. Will I need to take a gap year?

Hey Anita, I hope this finds you well. Mock exams are a part of a holistic whole when teachers are formulating your predicted grades. If you feel that your mock grades are not reflective of what you are capable of, as are the cases in mocks more often than not, I would encourage you to have a conversation with your teachers. Be proactive in showing that you are seeking to improve and will be able to achieve higher than you have in your mocks, for instance, by doing extra past paper questions and seeking feedback from your teachers on how to improve. You could also ask your teachers for the possibility to sit an additional exam just before your predicted grades come out to showcase your improvement. Most teachers should be accommodating. However, in the worst-case scenario that your predicted grades aren't changed and don't facilitate offers from the Uni's you want, there is always Adjustment and Clearing after results day to reconsider what and where you want to study with your actual grades. From personal experience, I took a gap year out and thoroughly enjoyed it! So you have a lot of options and no need to worry. I hope this clarifies things for you, and if you have any more questions, feel free to reach out!

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