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I am trying to go into Investment Banking/Brokering after my A levels. I understand that a mba is desirable however can I get a masters in business administration even if I do finance Bsc as a bachelors?

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Yes, it is possible to study for masters after completing a bachelors. If you plan on studying business administration as a masters after your BSc, I would suggest searching for postgraduate courses in this subject. While searching for courses, it would be good to keep in mind important factors such as location, course content - does it have a variety of topics which could enable you to work in different fields or sub-fields? This may provide more choice in terms of employment. In order to find out about which bachelor degrees are needed, I would advise to check the eligibility requirements. If you have further questions, it would be helpful to get in contact with the head of the department/faculty (in which the course is taught). I hope this information helps.