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I want to apply to different uni again this year for completely different course, as 1st year uni student. My A level grades are not enough so I need to use this years results. Also I need to write a PS but have no clue what to include, how to start?

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Answered Mar 19Applying for University
Bushra AhmedQualified English teacher & Entrance Exam Coach (7+|8+|11+)474 students helped

Hi Fatma. It’s certainly possible to successfully change courses. Your personal statement should include: - your motivations to begin this new course. -what you can bring to your chosen university, if it’s a new one. If it’s a new course at the same university I would include why you wish to remain there. -it’s worth including what you have learnt this year, and that you’re dedicated and committed enough to complete your new course. I have assisted many students with personal statements for various subjects; helping them to structure their work and express themselves well. Feel free to reach out if you’d like some support to help you impress the admission tutors.