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What course in university should I do? I’m thinking about finance and business sector but could I receive some sort of help on how to decide? ( I like the idea of business management, maths, finance, accounting)?

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Answered Jul 20Applying for University
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Viktoria StefanopoulouBiology Tutor | Proof reading services | University Advice | Available Online44 students helped

Hello, I would suggest that you first decide what type of job you see yourself doing and then determine what course would be most appropriate and desirable for that job. Try to determine what skills you currently have that you would like to extend at university to become employable.

Answered Mar 20Applying for University
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Hassan AhmadA savvy physicist, perfect for slow learners!187 students helped

Hello there! I was in the same place a couple of years ago. You are lucky you have an aptitude for and enjoy mathematics. The best thing for you to do is to opt for either straight Mathematics, Computer Science, or Economics. None of this may sound like 'Finance', but let me explain myself. Employers absolutely love it when their employees have a technical background in something quantitative. Doing so will really increase your chances of getting a job at the top firms of the world. You will learn to code, you will learn maths, you will learn so many transferable skills that will help you in professional life and beyond. Go for it! If you need help in your personal statement, I'm a message away. GoodLuck!

Answered Nov 18Applying for University
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Hi Meriem, I would recommend looking at the universities you'd like to apply to and reading more about their courses. Each course will have a description but more importantly a list of modules or subjects. The list of subjects will usually give you the best indication of what sorts of things you'll study! If you have any more questions or need any more help, feel free to reach out.