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Asked by Anuva

When should i start making my CV application / UCAS applications?

For your UCAS application: the deadline to submit your application is early January, however if you are doing medicine or applying to Oxbridge, the deadline is the 15th of October (may change slightly from year to year. Moreover, the school you are attending should also have an internal deadline for you to adhere to. Considering all this, I would advise you to start your apolicatio during the summer between year 12 and year 13 so you can submit your application by early December. You should particularly focus on writing a solid perianal statement since the rest of the application is just your personal information. Also, please note that your school should be guiding you through this process and advise you when to start your application For your CV: you could start writing a CV whenever you want to. In my opinion, it's helpful to have once you have completed work experience or when you have learned a substantial skill. A CV should include wall apragraoh detailing your personality, work ethic and skills, your grades, any work experience, any worthwile achievements. I hope this helps

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Andres Arcia Lopez

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