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If you want to learn Arabic within a year so you can read classical books and speak/understand, how many hours a week would I need?

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Ismail Jeilani

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That's a great question. Arabic language requires a strong grammar framework to be able to comfortably understand the text you are reading. It doesn't work like most european languages. For this reason, I'd say you should start with a strong focus on grammar. To supplement this, I'd also recommend watching kids shows in Arabic (try and find one that actually enjoy)! The sooner you can get your teacher to deliver part or most of the lesson in Arabic, the better. It'll be a crazy mental transition, but one that will be super beneficial. The hours per week will obviously depends on your budget and the amount of time you have available, but I think if you commit around 6-8hours a week privately, you can reach a stage of being able to approach most intermediate books in Arabic in about 12-18 months. Your vocabularly may not be strong enough to fully understand what you read, but that's just a dictionary search away πŸ™‚ Don't forget, consistency is really important too so try not to reach burnout!

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