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How would i get into the business of wedding photography?

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Shaun WaldieFreelance Photographer and Cinematographer (also English Literature Graduate)17.5k students helped

Hey I've been freelancing as a photographer for the last few years and the best place to start is building a portfolio. The easiest ways to do this is photographing weddings for free for friends and family. Try to not only cover the event itself, but also stage photographs with the couple. Be as creative as you can. It would also help to look through photos done by other photographers, and the wedding photos done for friends and family. You tend to find those would be more helpful as photographer websites tend to put only the best photos out, and figuring out why a photo isn't so great can be more helpful. You can also try contacting other wedding photographers and seeing if they will let you join them as an assistant or second shooter. This may be paid very little or not at all, but would be invaluable as practical experience. If you keep doing this you will eventually create a fairly good portfolio along with creating contacts. With any freelance work it will take a fair bit of time to get going (it took me at least two years), but as long as you keep looking for opportunitys to network, and making contacts you should eventually start getting work. Most importantly though, just keep shooting!

Husain MukadamMake Learning Fun Again! MSc | BSc | 4yrs+ exp. | DBS Certified✔️17.5k students helped

Find out the going rate for wedding photography. Tell someone/anyone getting married the going rate, then offer to do their wedding photography for free. If they're happy with it, ask them to recommend you to their network. To increase your chances, offer any of their network a discount. This is how you build your credibility & client list. You'll also be building your portfolio to show to your next client. Hope that helps! ☺️