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What are the definitions of Ethos, Logos, and Pathos? What is an easy way to remember them?

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Ethos, Sentiment, and Logos are three distinct approaches to be influential. Ethos (from the Greek for \" character\") serves to feature the persuader\'s believability or moral state. A few precedents: As a specialist, I can disclose to you that your eating regimen is of concern thus you ought to eat better. As a father to two youngsters, I trust you should play sports with your children. The sentiment (from the Greek for \" suffering\" and \"experience\") is an interest to someone\'s feelings. A few models: How might you enable this sort of conduct to happen in a town loaded with God-dreading individuals? Following quite a while of working for the organization, by what means can they basically simply let me go? Logos (from the Greek for \" I say\") is an interest to rationale and reason. A few models: As per an ongoing report, being a parent is connected to an expansion in balding. I know it sounds inconceivable yet the math looks at.