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Am I able to do a medical degree without an A-level in Biology?

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Jay ShahAn experienced tutor currently employed by Tutor Doctor17.5k students helped

Hi Heba. In theory, yes you can study a medical degree without A-level biology however I would strongly advise against it. You will find that well over 90% of students will have an A-level in Biology as knowing the human biology aspect of the syllabus will help you immensely when you start medical school. So in short, yes but this is not advised.

Mary RodriguezPassionate about Business, Economics and Careers Guidance 17.5k students helped

Hi Heba! Some universities offer medical degrees without Biology at A-level but at others it is a requirement. Your best bet is to have a look at their entry requirements to see. It may be possible but it will definitely limit your options.

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