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Explain this quote "The moment you say no to tyranny, you are beginning the struggle to the long, lonely road to freedom."?

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Hi Kyla, I’m not sure what subject this is in reference to but as someone who studies a few modules of politics my understanding is this: To say no to tyranny is to turn yourself against not only the tyrannical leader but also the majority who live in fear too, therefore the road in which you embark to reach the goal of freedom will be one travelled by very few and can be perceived as lonely in that regard. Even when societal attitudes and moral beliefs start to change, often not many will be willing to actively go against the tyrannical rule and will be ostracised for doing so until there is an overwhelming cry for change by a nation. History tells us of the long duration of such a process, ie. the Italian partisan resistance movement fighting against Nazi occupation and the tyranny of fascist dictator Mussolini.