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How does natural selection work?

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Stronger animals survive whilst weaker animals die. The strongest animals of a species with the best adaptations and the most suitable characteristics for their habitat survive. Weaker animals that are poorly adapted to their habitat die of disease or inability to collect enough food or are killed by predators. The strongest animals that survive pass in their desirable characteristics when they mate and produce offspring.

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What is a reflex arc diagram? Please help?

Great question! A reflex arc diagram shows the nerve pathway followed by a reflex action. A simple example is when you touch something really hot an...

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Which connective tissue composes the dermis of the skin?

The epidermis is the outermost layer of skin and underneath that sits the dermis. The dermis is linked to the epidermis via the basement membrane wh...

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How are plants adapted to stop disease?

Many plants have impenetrable barriers, such as bark and waxy cuticles, or adaptations, such as thorns and spines, to protect them from herbivores....

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Are linked genes the ones that are linked with genes on the same chromosome or with genes on the hom...

Genes are physical structures related by physical distance and during meiosis development of the haploid cells, and the nearer two genes are on a ch...

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How long does it take to have babies?

Usually, 9 months. But things don't always work as expected on the first try. There's an entire discussion in the mental health space about women wh...

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How are plants selectively bred?

This manipulation involves either controlled pollination, genetic engineering, or both, followed by artificial selection of progeny. Plant breeding ...

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Would the build-up of mucus, for CF patients, on airways increase diffusion distance significantly t...

With CF patients, they lack the water layer of the mucus in the lungs, making their mucus quite concentrated and sticky. This is because they lack t...

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How does the skeletal system change as we grow?

Bone is densely packed with flexible collagen fibres, hardened by calcium and phosphorus. They are built to withstand great stress, but they don't a...

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How many parts is the human brain divided into? Is one of the parts the hind brain?

The human brain is divided into three parts: the brainstem, the cerebellum, and the cerebrum. The brainstem is the posterior part of the brain which...

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